Chiropractic Care + Acupuncture
with Dr. Deany

A Peaceful Harbor is now offering chiropractic care and acupuncture with Dr. Deidre Deany!

After receiving her Doctorate of Chiropractic, Dr. Deany offered chiropractic care for nearly 20 years at her own practice, Deany Chiropractic in Clifon, Illinois. She has since relocated to Florida and joined the team at a Peaceful Harbor.


Dr. Deany also offers other therapies such as acupunctureelectrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound and mechanical massage - all of which are utilized to aid in patients healing processes.


Using a specialized chiropractic table, which offers flexion and distraction, this technique can be great for treating disc + arthritic conditions along with sciatica.


Acupuncture offers another form of treatment for a variety of pain syndromes as well as other medical conditions.


Dr. Deany believes in thoroughly reviewing patients medical history and examining+ addressing all aspects of health that may be affecting their current physical conditions + complaints. This includes their musculoskeletal condition, as well as nutritional status and more.


"I take pride in providing the best care for each patient and involving other specialists when needed. I look forward to serving this beautiful community!"


Appointments can be scheduled by calling (815)793-4890. 

Dr. Deany is a provider with Medicare and can submit other insurances for potential coverage. 

*Call for more information.*